Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enchanté from Brantwood

At Brantwood you’ll experience a touch of French Country. The style is relaxed yet elegant, with colour schemes that are easy on the eye.
The French country bedroom is open, light and airy, creating a restful haven that is harmonious and romantic.French country bedrooms are characterised by their freshness and simplicity. The French love individuality, beauty and comfort, and have their own way of interpreting style. Its mode may be simple but that doesn't mean it will be short on luxury.
Every component is carefully chosen, mixing old with new, intricate with simple, all in perfect harmony. It’s a softer, more feminine approach to home decorating and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy while staying at Brantwood.

Make Brantwood Cottage your home away from home.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I could get a nice close shot of the King Parrot because my sun room looks right into the maple canopy. Anywhere else I have little success with bird shots.

  2. Hi Joan
    Thanks for stopping by :) We have King Parrots and Roselas visit our back garden at Brantwood, but I can never get a close enough shot. Your pic looks especially beautiful against the Japanese Maple. Blessed to be here in this beautiful part of the world. Hope you'll Follow the Brantwood Blog :)
    Tanya x

  3. Brantwood Cottage looks like a gorgeous place to stay for a relaxing weekend away at the Blue Mountains!