Thursday, July 7, 2011

Winter winds cause chaos in Blackheath

Poor old Blackheath copped a battering this week with winds reaching up to 140kmph. By the grace of God nobody was hurt. Brantwood was spared, thankfully, but some other places weren't so fortunate. Towering pines and ghost gums fell, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The Firies, SES, Endeavour Energy and local volunteers have been working tirelessly. Such a brave community, all pulling together, resilient, helpful and courageous - all of them, heroes.

Winds are still gusting today between 40 and 80kmph in the Upper Blue. It'll remain that way into the night. Endeavour Energy last night announced that 7000 homes would remain without power this morning with the restoration effort resuming today. There may be intermittent highway closures throughout the day as the clean-up continues.

Power has been restored to the centre of Blackheath - so shops, cafes and restaurants are up and running. This is encouraging news for the community. It may be romantic to spend a night or two by candlelight and a roaring log fire, but no central heating, no functioning kitchen and no hot water is far from fun in these chilly conditions.

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